Monday, March 16, 2009

Bastnasite - Rare Color Change Gemstone

Bastnasite, which is sometimes spelled as bastnaesite, is one of a few rare earth carbonate minerals and change color as well. Bastnasite gets its name from its type locality, Bastnas Mine, Riddarhyttan, Vastmanland, Sweden.

See interesting gemstone color change from orangy yellow to yellowish orange

Bastnasite gets its name from its type locality, Bastnas Mine, Riddarhyttan, Vastmanland, Sweden. Although a scarce mineral and never in great concentrations, it is wide spread and one of the more common rare earth carbonates.

Bastnasite has been found in karst bauxite deposits in Hungary, Greece and the Balkans. Also found in carbonatites, a rare carbonate igneous intrusive rock, at Fen, Norway; Bayan Obo, Mongolia; Kangankunde, Malawi; Kizilcaoren, Turkey and Mountain Pass, California, USA. At Mountain Pass, bastnasite is the leading ore mineral.

Some bastnasite has been found in the unusual granites of the langesundsfjord area, Norway; Kola Peninsula; Mont Saint-Hilaire mines, Ontario Canada and Thor Lake deposits, Northwest Territories, Canada. Hydrothermal sources have also been reported.


paraiba said...

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I thank you in advance.

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